About The Bot

Messages with group invitation links below would be deleted by RemoveSpamLinkBot:







How to use the bot:

RemoveSpamLinkBot IconBot URL: https://t.me/RemoveSpamLinkBot

1. Add @RemoveSpamLinkBot to your Telegram group
2. Promote @RemoveSpamLinkBot as an administrator with permission to delete messages
3. Done! The bot would function automatically. Noted that previous spam messages cannot be deleted

(Links posted by admins would be exempted)

(July 2022 Update: RemoveSpamLinkBot could now detect and remove invitation links in edited message, hyperlink & poll)

Why should these messages be deleted?

From time to time, unsolicited spam messages would be found in Telegram group. Use this bot to prevent your group to be used as a free advertising platform!

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(Last Update: 2024-05-26)