About The Bot

@AutoBroadcastMessageBot is a bot that helps group admin to broadcast message in telegram group at fixed time or regular interval between messages.

There are two modes available:

1. Message to be sent at fixed time each day

2. Message to be sent when there are certain number of new messages in group

How to use the bot:

AutoBroadcastMessageBot IconBot URL: https://t.me/AutoBroadcastMessageBot

1. Add @AutoBroadcastMessageBot to your Telegram group
2. Chat with @AutoBroadcastMessageBot and follow the steps to add a new scheduled message
3. Done! The bot would broadcast the message according to your instruction

(Please note that UTC time is used for the bot)

Why should the bot be used?

Not everyone would read the pinned message. Thousands of group admins are using @AutoBroadcastMessageBot to send some reminders or redirect group members to their websites regularly.

Bot Statistics


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(Last Update: 2024-06-20)