About The Bot

Messages such as the following would be deleted by RemoveHyperlinkBot:

"For those of you looking for a new job, check out this website: www.abcd1234.com"

"Please see my new video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqboAI-Vk-U"

How to use the bot:

RemoveHyperlinkBot IconBot URL: https://t.me/RemoveHyperlinkBot

1. Add @RemoveHyperlinkBot to your Telegram group
2. Promote @RemoveHyperlinkBot as an administrator with permission to delete messages
3. Done! The bot would function automatically. Noted that previous messages with URLs cannot be deleted

(Messages sent by admins would be exempted)

Why should these messages be deleted?

One of the most common issues group admins face is the influx of spam messages, including website URLs that can be irrelevant to the group's purpose or even harmful.

By removing spam or irrelevant messages, group admins can create a more positive and productive environment for members to interact and share ideas.